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Floral Stretch Headband
Floral Stretch Headband

Floral Stretch Headband

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Y'all know that image from Gone With The Wind when Julie Andrews (she'll always be Queen Clarice Renaldi to me) is dancing through all the flowers? This is basically that picture in a headband! The pinks and blues flash back to spring while the yellows and reds give off warm, summery feelings. 

This headband is handmade from stretchy, comfy fabric. It's one size fits most and can be worn in so many ways! It will come to you tied in a knot, but untie the knot to style it your way ~ bow, flat, twisted, top knot, the choice is yours! There’s really so many ways to make this style your own. 

About this headband:

  • One size fits most
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight, single ply
  • Breathable, soft & stretchy
  • Sewn in Arkansas by my sister-in-law, Audrea